Saturday, July 5, 2014

Face 28...........

Something I love about Sturbridge is the Concerts on the Common during the summer!  Where I grew up (in Florida)  we didn't have fun things like this going on so I really enjoy getting out there and being part of it.
We had the pleasure of meeting Kim Desy, who is the owner of Desy Ice Cream & Concessions. 
Kim was in law enforcement for 25+ years.
Q: When did you start your business?
A:  I have had my bakery, catering and events business for about 22 years and added the ice cream trucks about 8 years now.
Q: What is the most popular ice cream this summer so far?
A: Favorite kids ice cream this year is the sour patch kid.
Favorite adult ice cream is the Oreo bar.
Q: What is your favorite ice cream?  
A: My favorite is the jolly rancher son cones

So if you are ever at the Concerts on the Common go visit Kim and cool off with an ice cream!

Two of my Three

Meet Graydon, Kim's son


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