Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Face 17...ED....

Face17, originally uploaded by Olivia Williams Photography.

A few days ago I took my kids on a field trip to a local florist. They didn't know what a florist was, so I took them to the one I knew they would love. Sherwood Florist. As soon as we pulled up they loved the building. We walked around inside for a few minutes I showed them some flower arrangements and we could see them making the arrangements behind the curtain. One of the ladies working there told us about the nursery in the back. The only nursery my kids know is a baby nursery. So I took them back there and that is where we met Ed, an employee for the Sherwood Florist Nursery for 20 years When I heard that I knew he would know the answer to a question that my 5 year old asked me a few days ago. "Why don't we have butterflies in our yard". So we asked Ed what plants attract butterflies. He took us around and pointed out so many plants. I don't remember all the names but I did take pictures of a few of them so I could remember the names. Here are some plants that attract butterflies: Shrimp Plant, Pentas, Porterweed, and the Lantana.

Thanks Ed for letting me take your photo for my 100 faces {telling stories} project and thank you for teaching my kids and myself about plants.