Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet face 26........

I really love this town that I live in now.  There are so many activities going on every month.  This month the Joshua Hyde Library had a guest at the town common for the kids (and adults too, I loved it).  The guest was Two-time Freestyle Frisbee Champion, Todd Brodeur!   My kids loved it even my 12 year old son, who first thought it was just for little kids and stood next to a tree for the first 2 minutes before he realized it wasn't just for kids.

 I didn't get to ask him all my fun questions because I didn't want to take away any time that he was spending with the kids who all had millions of questions for him.  I did email him to see if he could answer a few questions for my project.  I hope to be updating this soon!

 If you want to find out about him visit his website

So here he is face 26.............. Todd Brodeur. 


What is the hardest Frisbee trick/move? They say the hardest Frisbee trick once you start playing and have been bitten by the bug, is to put the Frisbee down. I believe the sky is the limit, the hardest trick or move has not been invented yet. There are thousands of combinations of moves that have been done and new ways to combind them are always being thought up and attempted.

Do you have a favorite Frisbee? I do not have one favorite Frisbee. I like them all, as long as they fly well. I really like old Frisbees that have character. Ones with many srcatches and are well used. Every old Frisbee has a story, and has flown many thousands and sometimes millians of miles.

What is one thing that you would like to share about Frisbee tricks/moves that would help someone with no Frisbee skills (like me)? The one thing anyone can do to get better is get out and throw. The original instructions on the back of an old Frisbee say "Play catch, invent games. Flat flip flies straight, experiment." That is it in a nutshell, snap your wrist to put some good spin on it, use your imagination and have fun.