Thursday, July 1, 2010

meet Gloria face 25.....


While visiting Old Sturbridge Village, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts we met a wonderful lady named Gloria in the Asa Knight Store.  Gloria, who has worked at OSV for 10 years, is one of the costumed historians.  She taught us a lot about what people would buy at a general store in the 1830's.

 When she found out my daughter was 4 year old she pointed out a tiny thimble and told us that back in the 1830's women would teach their 4 year old daughters how to sew.  This way by the time they reached 11 they would be mending torn clothing and making their own clothing.   She showed us all the hats that where in fashion back then and told us how they decorated the ladies hats with ribbons and flowers.  Gloria also pointed out pocket knifes and informed us that the men would teach their sons how to widdle wood into things like clothes pins.

 I asked her if she always works in the Asa Knight Store, since my kids and I make a visit every month to OSV I thought we would stop by and say hi to her in there again, but she said they are trained to work in all the buildings.

Thank you so much Gloria for sharing your wonderful knowledge on the 1830's and letting me use your photo and a bit about you for my 100 faces project.

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